Our Story

Journey to Identity foundation was birthed after having been in that same journey as a young girl growing up: self-esteem issues, lack  of self-awareness and an identity struggle. This brought feelings of  inadequacy and that led to rebellion and attention seeking which led to more problems within my interactions.

The good news is in the year 2012, I gave my life to Christ and embarked in my journeys towards healing and discovering my worth. It’s a real testimony of Gods immeasurable love that He continues to bestow all the human race if we allow Him to love on us.

I discovered my desire to mentor young people in my many interactions with them through high school ministry with my church. Here I saw a great need for affirmations and telling them about the love of Christ.

I also engaged with an NGO on consultancy basis which opened my eyes and mind to see the need for mentorship.

I have managed to connect with young people in a way that creates trust and openness which has led to my great desire for the mentorship programs.

I am looking forward to a time that the young people God brings my way will have crossed over from being mentored to mentoring others in their generation, it’s possible to grow and become better if we allow God to work within us.

In January of 2021, Journey to Identity came into being. This was after praying and interacting with God that He led me to this idea of registering this faith based organization. It has been crystal clear in so many ways that God wants us to impact the coming generations.

Currently I am engaged in Pangani Primary doing a mentorship program every week and my desire is to launch this program in other schools as God directs.

It’s such a joy to do what one was born to and I can confidently say I am doing just that.